“It is incomplete in all these states, it is not something yet, and precisely because the usable furniture is now nothing, instead of something, it evokes fervent interest.  Like Michelangelo’s non-finito sculptures – the incomplete resolution of this furniture allows it to mentally completed – it is Lacan’s Objet petit a – an object that completes a desire, precisely because of its incompleteness. The figure, still maintains its identity as a furniture, although useless, it imagines a moment within an endless series of rigid contortions. The movement, although doesn’t move to the absurd – it is still bound by gravity.”

“One thinks of Louis Kahn’s Fisher house where the corner window dissolves and involutes to generate a space within the house. The fetishization of such involution, while still maintaining its tectonic nature, the hinge becomes an important device. All points stay connected, and individually rotatable. The figure, one can imagine, through its contortion, architecturalize any orthogonal space. Within a room, or as a room, it problematizes the space contained, thus beginning to generate architecture.  Tatlin’s Corner Counter Relief comes to mind as the figure simultaneously needs the corner and is contorted by it. The object here, needs the architectural space.”