Proposal for the Machado+Silvetti Exhibition at Harvard Graduate School of Design

“Through the conept of diptychs, doublings and complementarity, this exhibtion of the oeuvre of Machado and Silvetti proposed in the Druker Design Gallery at Harvard GSD tries to delineate the thematic concerns that the early work contends with.”

“The dialectics set up in these drawings and texts reveal the syntactical, formal and critical work of Machado Silvetti. These themes also represent the work that has been in conversation consciously or subconsciously in achitectural history and theory; it tries to get at, what Silvetti calls, in his seminal essay The Beauty of Shadows, criticism from within. “

“In his introduction to The Work of Machado Silvetti, Nader Tehrani speaks to this altered spatial perception, stating, “The construction of perspective is manipualated such that it denaturalizes not only how we draw, but how we build subjectiity... Perspective is adopted as an artifice to overturn reality as we know it.” Concord House reevaluates the context and views to form a relationship to the landscape which can only be formed through the means of architecture. Architecture, intervenes and carves out a chunk of reality to form an opinion and hierarchy of views. This is what Hays called the ‘...”indexical” reproduction and refunctioning of contextual attrubutes  - a casual or spatial tranfer from the real - and the revealing of the enunciative level of infrastructural systems.’

“This theme that contrasts the modern open, horizontal ‘view’ of the landscape, makes evident the effort of Machado Silvetti to create curated archihtectural experiences in which the subject of representation interacts with the subject of enunciation.”

in collaboration w/ Damian Bolden and Grace Cheng